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simple metal detector

simple metal detector
Need a metal detector, but no desire to spend money to buy it? I'll tell you how to create a simple metal detector. Recently I stumbled on the web for an interesting and simple scheme to create detector. This scheme was based on the use of the 555-th chip (timer) and several other components. So this instruction inspired me to create a simple detector with minor changes. The main question is whether a similar metal detector will work as usual. As proof that the self-made metal detector works perfectly, near the end of the instruction I enclose a video demonstrating the work of my detector.
I can assume that people who are poorly versed in the device of conventional detectors and electrical circuits in general, it will be difficult to understand my instructions. It may be necessary to read the special literature, and only then to proceed with the implementation of my walkthrough.
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A simple metal detector

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For calculations I used an online calculator for air coils. Thanks to the calculator I was able to calculate that on the reel width of 90 mm I need 250 turns copper wire (on a reel diameter of 70 mm-290 turns) with inductance 10 mh. Would you like to bother? Ready air coils can be bought via the Internet. The basis for the reel made of cardboard, and the coil itself is a lacquered copper wire with a diameter of 0.2 mm. Wound I 260 revolutions. Before soldering, both ends of the coil wire should be cleaned thoroughly. If necessary, use sandpaper paper.
I wanted my metal detector to look beautiful. So I decided to make a base of cardboard. To get such a pen from a cardboard, inside which you can put the battery, switch, circuit and coil.
In the beginning I sketched, no calculations-just cut 3 pieces of cardboard, which in form resembled the handle detector. Then cut out the holes for the battery and the switch. Then glued all the pieces of cardboard with wood glue and left to dry for 12 hours (overnight). When the glue dryed, I made a hole in the handle next to the switch so that the wires could freely pass through the hole.  Well, finally, you need to glue the reel to the handle of the cardboard. I used glue for hot gluing.
So, all the components separately I have already fulfilled. It remains to collect them in a solid metal detector. At first I glued to the handle switch, then inserted the battery and finally glued the printed circuit board. Used, as before, glue for hot gluing. Then I connected all the components to each other and tested the assembled metal detector.