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Programs in cheap metal detectors

Finished factory search program with a metal detector, the user is unable to change. It represents any sets of objectives defined by the manufacturer, and most often represent certain directions search (coins, jewelry, and so on).

Editable program allows you to search independently set the objectives on which it is necessary to obtain a response. Unfortunately, those masks that provides manufacturer, do not always work as well as I’d like. This is due to the fact that manufacturers create masks for those search sites, which inhabits the manufacturer. For example, Garrett is an American producer, so its masks are focused on coins that are in American soil.   
Programs in cheap metal detectors
Most of the goals are small relative to the size of the search coil. In this case, as the coil moves constantly, to determine exactly where lies a small goal is virtually impossible. For a precise definition of the objectives of the Centre in pinpoint function Metal Detectors. It allows you to delete a valuable discovery, not shovel their spots all around the field.