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treasure hunting metal detector-hobby metal detectors

treasure hunting metal detector-hobby metal detectors

treasure hunting metal detector-hobby metal detectors It should be noted that not all metal detectors are equally and therefore, Type of equipment which is designed to search for gold may not be suitable for other kinds of metals or working in places where a lot of moisture. So, the first question you should ask yourself: […]Read Post

treasure hunting with metal detectors

treasure hunt for birthday present

If you happened to be one of those lucky ones who live or near the ocean or near a big reservoir, then you have all chances to go on a treasure hunt using a metal detector. Treasure hunt on the beach is very popular among treasure hunters due to sand, which is very easy to […]Read Post

Truth about Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

do you need a special metal detector for gold

Metal detecting is a cheap hobby which can be done almost anywhere. Although this activity may be enjoyed only, many people find that the detection of metals with other treasure hunters that makes this more attractive pastime. Long one of the main reasons why metal detectors will be around to have amazing benefits, both long […]Read Post

Beach treasure hunting with a metal detector

Beach Search brings considerable dividends in water with fingertip easily slides off the ring, bracelet or chain. Without the detector find loss in water almost impossible Treasure world, lose on the beach vacationers, The most valued godsend, once our departure with lovers searching with a metal detector, Beach with a metal detector in search where all your dreams come true, Motorized Scoop + detector to search for treasures in the coastal zone. Beach treasure with a metal detector searches, depth not only to find the lost jewels by tourists, but also to search for treasure from long ago.Read Post

Whites Coinmaster metal detector and treasure hunting Reviews

goldmaster 2 metal detector for sale

Whites CoinMaster is an intermediate model line metal detectors manufactured by Whites. It is equipped with an integrated microprocessor and a new maximum effective 9.5 inch coil. It should be noted that the display settings and type of the found object in the metal Whites CoinMaster is displayed on a LCD screen on which the position of the cursor points to one of eight different categories of objects, as well as the depth of their occurrence. Plus, the display shows the level of sensitivity and battery life. Sensitivity adjustment is done with the arrow keys up or down. Do not install this feature on the maximum mark, if you are near power lines or in areas with a high level of mineralization of soil, in order to avoid false signals.Read Post

Treasure Hunting Hybrid Metal Detectors Reviews

Treasure Hunting Hybrid Metal Detectors Reviews

There is a metal detector for every treasure hunter, every entrepreneur, and every hobbyist, Even hunters in their search use a dipstick that can be stuck into the ground and now the dimensions of the finds and the depth of its occurrence. The probe is especially necessary if you are afraid of a shovel to damage the find. The rest of the outfit is not optional, and depends on the location and duration of your searches with a metal detector. If one is a small independent detectorists backpack, the other car and trunk will not be enough.Read Post

Treasure Hunting Teknetics G2 Metal Detector First Finds Reviews

Treasure Hunting Teknetics G2 Metal Detector First Finds Reviews

Teknetics G2 is a unique instrument to search for gold nuggets and ancient relics, gold. The device provides the user with the versatility of the search. Thanks to convenient and easy management tools efficiency when searching for gold nuggets will be provided. The device has a separate threshold tone adjustment and signal amplification of target super-thin soil balance setting and unique system of discrimination. These objects as copper coins, this simple and unpretentious device, but has tremendous sensitivity to small objects (nuggets, coins). It is equipped with 11 inch search coil, which has established itself as one of the best and reliable. There is a dynamic and static search modes the mode of accurate detection of “pinpoint”, function measurement of ground mineralization, automatic and manual ground balance. The device weighs surprisingly little and perfectly balanced. G2 is without a doubt a leader in convenience. Thanks to its light weight, you can work Teknetics detecting at least a whole day and not feel the fatigue.Read Post

Treasure hunting dirt cheap – Metal Detecting Reviews

metal detecting treasure

historical videos, search for coins, video Digger, treasure hunter, metal detector, cleaning coins, treasure of the new season, searching for coins, depth, Treasure map or just coins-fun. It is enough to find an old imperial coin into the Earth, My Treasure-with a metal detector on life, Search in archives and with metal detectors in different towns and villages, it is quite possible, it is not necessary to believe that the treasure in his house, Hunt for treasure with a metal detector · Fixed search-hobby.Read Post

Treasure Hunting With Fisher F75 Metal Detectors

Treasure Hunting With Fisher F75 Metal Detectors

Fisher F75 Metal detector is one of the best gauges of model lineup with technology solutions from the manufacturer. Its main feature is the complete elliptical coil Biaxial DD diameter 28 cm. The shape and size of the coil, combined with high working frequency 13 kHz, turn the metal detector in the standard of universality. […]Read Post

Treasure Hunting Metal Detector Two Gold Rings

treasure hunt for birthday present

The treasure was discovered two years ago, but this discourages not many treasure hunters who continue to try their luck with their metal detector, Brass ring takes the direction of the box which will make the happiness of one of his friends, Ingots, armbands, pins, gold ring, or cross of the high middle ages appear, […]Read Post

Metal Detecting Finds Treasure Hunting

metal detectors treasure hunting finds

Metal Detecting Finds Treasure Hunting, To find jewelry made of precious metals, the need to buy a metal detector to find gold, which according to its standards differ slightly from the usual metal detecting soil. This does not mean that the soil metal detectors cannot detect this product of gold, it all depends on the […]Read Post

Map Research For Metal Detecting And Treasure Hunting

How to determine the location of buried treasure

Map Research For Metal Detecting And Treasure Hunting, Those who participate in archaeology official must know well the history and exploration of all the events that took place in the province. Moreover, I found many value. If you decide to try for the first time, the purchase of professional metal detectors, says historian. And will […]Read Post

Successful Searching – metal detectors treasure hunting

treasure hunting vacation gold coins Review

metal detectors treasure hunting, Always will be one of your coins. Of course, to find the treasure or antique coins, much more complex than just a bunch of stuff. Find the coin through the metal detector treasure hunting, do not be lazy selected by looking in the appropriate directory. Of course, at first glance, there […]Read Post

treasure hunting vacation gold coins Review

treasure hunting vacation gold coins Review

Search on the beach metal detector has its own secrets and features, depending on what you’re going to look. And there you can find a lot of interesting things.
Hundreds of millions of vacationers and tourists every year replenish the stocks of wealth. Although in different countries is developing the so-called beach search, still things people lose faster pace, so there is great potential. And for a beach search is not required it is very expensive instrument, since the objectives of the search are in shallow water, and enough of the same type.Read Post

What is treasure hunting ?

What is treasure hunting ? Treasure Hunting – it’s not archeology, it’s a hobby for the soul , which can be said a long time and forever. It tells you people obsessed cop. And you want to devote to this interesting hobby. Perhaps it was my article will interest you , and you buy a […]Read Post

metal detectors treasure hunting finds

buried treasure prenatal

Systematics of treasures. As with any serious action should be preceded by conversation to practice searching for treasures for a small part of the theory. But the question is: where can I get materials theory? Translated manuals in this topic I came across was not on the eyes, and archaeological theory differs substantially from theoretical […]Read Post

Search for underwater treasures – treasure hunting

شراء اجهزة الكشف عن المعادن تحت سطح الماء -metal detectors for gold

Our country is rich in a variety of resources – oil, gas, coal, gold. But besides that good we have huge reserves that we rarely taken seriously. We are talking about hidden in the ground or under water treasures including the treasures. But if someone had hidden for centuries (or lost) any values​​, someone can get them.
Do not think that the idea of ​​a treasure hunt obsessed only heroes adventure novels and movies. In fact, according to some estimates, is now under water more than three million vehicles, many of which are literally full of goldRead Post

Best metal detectors to start treasure hunting

metal detector reviews

Best metal detectors to start treasure hunting There are several important points to keep in mind when deciding on the purchase of the first metal detectors. First of all your treasure the paramount consideration when deciding what to make your needs detector what kind of you hope to find. It’s not so much about how […]Read Post

Treasure Hunting For Gold

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting For Gold In order to help you get started in treasure hunting, you should check out the Federation of Metal Detector and Archeological Clubs, Inc.  You can find out about any events, meeting or treasure hunting clubs in your area.  You can find out where to legally go look for gold in treasure […]Read Post

Gold Nugget hunting

metal detectors for gold nuggets

Gold Nugget hunting All the rules of Placer and desert geology applied to Gold Nugget hunting, and this knowledge should be used to create, where deposits of gold and nuggets are likely to be found. Special attention should be given to places that have little or no direction or other material present, so the detector […]Read Post

best value metal detectors-Treasure hunter How to choose a metal detector

The best tips when using Beach metal detector review

metal detector detection depth. in one device to combine the best qualities of low-frequency machines and Interested in universality, complexity of device values. These same detectors successfully use to search for scrap metal. allowing one device to combine the best qualities of low-frequency, not as a matter of principle, the main room that fought on […]Read Post

Depth multiplier Garrett Treasure Hound Eagle Eye for GTI 2500

garrett gtax 550 metal detector

extra deep attachment Garrett Treasure Hound for metal detector GARRETT GTI 2500 metal detector through which turns into a deep metal detector. Thus the maximum detection depth large objects increases to 4 pm All search options in the mode “all metals” appliance Garrett GTI 2500 is preserved. The deep connection nozzle is made easy and […]Read Post

metal detecting treasure

metal detecting treasure

This metal detector to search for treasures can reach high depth and so it is optimal for deep searches. Search using a metal detector can be fun and terrific enthusiasm. There are all chances to go on a treasure hunt using a metal detector. Treasure Hunters the newest and most powerful metal detectors to find […]Read Post

Where to Look for Treasure

Where to Look for Treasure

Where can be a treasure In the House, in its most remote places in the attic and in the subfield. In the garden, as a rule-in the corners under the pillars of the fence or under the thick trees. So, a friend found a treasure in the hollow of an old PEAR. Being placed in […]Read Post

underwater treasure From the bottom of the Atlantic

Underwater Treasures found

Underwater treasures found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and still the richest shipwrecks were not found until now, amazing ancient Egyptian Treasures which are displayed for the first time after it was discovered underwater, More recently, most serious treasure hunters have started working underwater, where modern technology allows access to wrecks containing valuables the treasures of gold and jewelry case and not worth the price. Spectacular ancient Egyptian treasures are to be exhibited for the first time having been discovered underwater in the submerged ruins.Read Post

Treasure map treasure found with metal detector

metal treasure chest

Treasure map treasure found with metal detector Search for coins and treasures in the best start in the early spring, when the snow came down. The most optimal time from mid-April, Hoards and treasure. Video and brochures for treasure hunters. In this article we will talk about finding the buried treasures using metal detectors. In recent years, the employment-search using metal detectors, At all times the most exciting challenge for archaeologists and treasure hunters have been looking for treasures, underground tunnels, bunkers, and any underground, Treasure map here’s the treasure was found in an abandoned house. Photo for Treasure map on any human treasure is buried, only one needs to be able to take the treasure.Read Post

Garrett GTI 2500 Treasure Hound Depth Test Reviews

Garrett GTI 2500 Treasure Hound Depth Test Reviews

The main features of this unit are: the ability to analyze object size with the coil Imaging, adjusts to fit your work style and transformation into a deep metal detector with Garrett Treasure Hound. Required skills and experience for successful use.Read Post

treasure of lost ships – boats that have sank with treasure

treasure of lost ships - boats that have sank with treasure

Apart from traveling who make scientific expeditions, there are expeditions, which have quite different objectives. First of all, it’s treasure. To understand this, let us return to the history of navigation. It is the thirst for gold often contributed to significant geographic discoveries. Gold was the goal of the Portuguese, who explored the African coast […]Read Post

Treasure hunter finds million with metal detectors

Treasure hunter finds million with metal detectors

In the past treasure hunter finds, wealth gain meant. Since ancient times, walking around the world, people of different professions and ages, who are pursuing a single goal-to find the treasure. Of the ten cases in search of treasure, only one is a success. And these are the lucky ones will immediately attract attention, for […]Read Post

treasure coast metal detecting

treasure hunting vacation gold coins Review

Was the first place I did ever any metal detecting site in an old House, “Treasure Coast” today we had the waves about three to four feet, “metal detecting the Treasure Coast”, after a year or two of dry sand, metal detectors, I decided to upgrade to a better detection, hundreds of people in South […]Read Post

Minelab Sovereign Gt metal detector Beach Hunting Review

Minelab Sovereign Gt metal detector Beach Hunting Review

The Minelab Sovereign Gt metal detector created to search for coins, rarities, treasures in all conditions. Automatic and manual tuning on the soil can be successfully used this model and in gold mines and on the beach. Minelab Sovereign Gt metal detector is designed specifically to locate valuable metal objects in the high mineralized soils […]Read Post

underwater treasures underwater metal detector reviews

underwater metal detector reviews gold underwater oldest ship in the world, Turkey held underwater treasure hunting underwater

You need to be inspired to search for sunken treasure. Sea World full of mysteries and wonders, and it’s stable and contained ships of treasures, and the sea water might include towns and villages, with effects and works related to the history of people and the old, historical events and scientific progress used by archaeologists […]Read Post

Treasure On The Beach Metal Detecting

How to use a metal detector

Treasure On The Beach Metal Detecting,This type of search is to add to two previous. As you know, the beaches are very frequent small loss of money, jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings, chains, watches and so on. Find the right Beach metal detector, which has a stable balance of salt in the soil and the environment. […]Read Post

best places to find treasure

best places to find treasure

While going to search for treasures with a metal detector, you can choose the best places to find the treasure, search for the best place to use a batch of found treasure is of the important things, to find the best places to look for the treasure is not easy for the researcher normal, you need patience and the long search for the best places to find cash and treasures. Find treasures that can lead you to strange places, if your goal was to find gold or other precious metals, it is best to buy a metal detector. Latest German and U.S. agencies specializing in the search for gold and treasures in the ground, can be found on the pieces cash with metal detectors anywhere, detectors gold water minerals.Read Post

treasure seekers visions of gold

the secret a treasure hunt treasures

treasure seekers visions of gold – In recent times, has become increasingly popular term – a treasure seeker . Who are they and what do they do ? Not difficult to guess , these are people who are looking for treasures, treasures and other valuables hidden under the subsoil of our land and on the seabed […]Read Post

Metal detector to find gold and treasure Fisher Gemini 3

Metal detector to find gold and treasure Fisher Gemini 3

Metal detector to find gold and treasure Fisher Gemini 3   Metal detector fisher Gemini 3 – Equipment for deep search of a variety of objects ( pipes, barrels , treasure chests , coins, antiques ) . You can have any number of cards to search for treasure or historic graves , without a special device , […]Read Post

Come here if you want to become a treasure hunter

the secret a treasure hunt treasures

Come here if you want to become a treasure hunter   If you want to become a true treasure hunter and want to search for valuable treasures – in this article you will find how to choose the place where you want to look for treasures . We all know that since ancient times the […]Read Post

Where can you find the treasure ?

Where can you find the treasure ?   Probably everyone at least once in your life asks, ” Where can I find the treasure ? ” And thinks it is feasible to do so . In fact, can find every treasure , and in the most unexpected place . Some are specifically searching for treasure […]Read Post

Metal detector to find gold and treasure Bounty Hunter Platinum PRO

coil cover metal detecting coil cover forums search coil covers ace 250 coil cover bounty hunter coil cover coil cover beach fisher coil covers accessories detector Coil Covers Metal Detectors For SaleRead Post

Metal detector to find gold and treasure GTI 2500

User Manual for metal detector garrett gti 2500 GTI 2500 PRO PACKAGE

The most advanced metal detector and gold american Gold Detector produced by the Company GARRETT ELECTRONICS USA and is aimed at demanding users who require reliability, quality workmanship and highest return . It is equipped with many electronic devices and circuit constructed with art materials . Below we analyze the ten ( 10) key features […]Read Post