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red mercury


the relationship between red mercury and money

red mercury liquid
the relationship between red mercury and money I used to think that the story of red mercury has ended, but I’ve found that there are many questions which reached me about red mercury . But the facts of this story is strange occurred in the village , .. has spread among the people that there is […]

how much is one gram of red mercury

Red Mercury
What is red mercury and how much is it? Red Mercury is one of the most expensive ingredients on Earth where the gram reaches millions of dollars, the red mercury is called the Philosopher’s Stone, the most famous among all kinds of mercury, because he believes that he is used in witchcraft and in the […]

red mercury – current price for red mercury

red mercury liquid
These beliefs have been associated with “Red Mercury”, which differ from speculation the fact his presence, Red Mercury is very expensive for its rarity and difficulty of extracting, scientifically that Red Mercury is extracted from gold, Red Mercury is a substance that thinks they do not exist, since the 1980s, many still believe in his […]

red mercury liquid

red mercury liquid
And have started talking about Red Mercury originally after Egyptian archaeological Zaki Saad on a brown liquid tends to flush down Mummy Amen, Gold is the metal more easily combined with mercury, obtaining amalgams with mercury, and warm the product in iron retorts for distillation mercury. red in metallic state and immediately after form amalgamates […]

Red Mercury

Red Mercury
mercury use in spells What is red mercury and what are its uses is the name used for mercury iodide compound which carries the red color due to the presence of iodine, but the use of red mercury was a disguise to make of this mercury is a very needed. The use of mercury in dental treatments, how is the production of red mercury Where you make red mercury, red mercury uses and where there is red mercury Gin natural red mercury and Pharaohs where there is red mercury in the radio, the price of red mercury, red mercury and sex.

how to extract gold from black sand with mercury

how to extract gold from black sand with mercury
how to extract gold from black sand with mercury Panning for gold is not as easy as many people think . This procedure involves a number of difficult actions. How to extract gold from the sand ? The answer to the question is very interesting and encompasses several options precious metal mining . Several ways […]

Alloys of gold and silver – amalgam

Alloys of gold and silver - amalgam
Alloys of gold and silver amalgam Gold amalgam Gold is the metal more easily combined with mercury, obtaining amalgams by direct binding of the two metals. If gold comes from the reduction of some of its salts, as the precipitate is very thin, the combination does not verify with ease, because gold powders float long […]

what to look for in metal detectors part 2

what to look for in metal detectors part 2
Because the exact location of the treasure with a metal detector, looking for buried metallic object does not have to be located under ground, but may be freely on the ground appropriately disguised other materials. You can create yourself, or enjoy the treasures their search.   When switched on the search head produces an electromagnetic […]

Web site – metal detectors for gold search

DetectorPro Headhunter Pirate metal detector
Everyone interested in metal detectors, searching for the best metal detectors, which can be used to start a search for gold, but many things must be pursued, especially in the use of metal detectors, and that many articles I will assemble essays dealing with the definition of the most important steps to begin using metal […]

Is it possible to make gold

Causes resulting in a decline in prices for gold
This will cause a naive question, likely opposite answers. Few enthusiasts will assert certainly did! And even now there are still coins that say that they are made of gold, resulting alchemical way. Others, representing the majority of thinking rationally, not less conviction will persist all alchemists were charlatans at best, and at worst – scams and alchemy in general not a science but an insane mother daughter – chemistry. Not to get involved immediately in a stormy debate, try to start with a simple question: is it possible to get the gold out of something else? The simplest answer, like, “No, because if someone knew how to do it, it would have done it in huge quantities,” we are not satisfied. After all, no doubt that today we do not know many secrets that were known to the wise men and magicians of antiquity and even simple artisans. With all the power and perfection of modern construction techniques, we are not able to build the pyramids, Egyptian repeating, although they were built thousands, if not tens or even hundreds of thousands of years ago.

How much is 1 kg of red mercury: Market prices, news, reviews, analytics, statistics, commercial offers, buying and selling. How much does mercury cost on the black market: Market prices, news, reviews, analytics, statistics, commercial offers, buying and selling.

No one ever knew what it was. The declared characteristics are strictly mutually exclusive: Radioactive, density 20-20 g/cc, is explosive, is used in atomic weapons, the cost of a million dollars per gram (California costs $6.5 m per gram, and what organics-and $16 m for Gram , but California and this organics are products of complex synthesis, and the red mercury, first, does not exist, and secondly, it is supposed that it kagbje quite ordinary phenomenon in the nature), is badly demanded in the world market, etc., and so on, as far as the imagination sufficed.

Red mercury is similar to the blood of robots. It was believed that this is the 234 element of the XIV additional subgroup of the Mendeleev plaque with the atomic mass of something like 1234.56 (in the “island of stability” synthesized a couple of atoms of “red lead”, because contrary to konspirologam this “island” stubbornly Starts from 114, not from 112 element, i.e. electronic shells are related to lead, not mercury). When heated to the desired temperature, the red mercury reacts with all available elements, which causes a rapid uncontrollable chain reaction and causes an explosion, the power equal to hundred vacuum bombs or one too pressurized rubber. At heating to temperatures above 700 degrees Kelvin, red Mercury turns to gold, at temperatures more than 1000 K-in platinum, and at heating more than 400 on Reomjuru-in copper.

Also there were rumors that Sabzh is used in the “detonator of thermonuclear bombs”, or in “heavy-duty military lasers”. And during the excavation of the Egyptian pyramids red mercury persecuted archaeologists by the fact that Yad. Also mention the famous bike that the metal tube with red mercury is an antenna that takes and amplifies any signals, but only immediately after the installation of thereof after you comes bloody fight with all the ensuing. In a word, a magnificent porridge from properties from a category «Magic water which is only at the Tsar».

tells us that the most common “red mercury” means mercury Hg2sb2o7. This substance is a powder of dark brown color, but of course neither the declared density at the level of the OS, nor radioactivity, nor any other fantastic properties of this substance does not possess. Its difference from other compounds of mercury consists in rather high heat resistance. If other mercury salts decompose already at a temperature about 300-350 degrees, withstands heating up to 700 degrees without decomposition.

Also mercury is widely used in atomprome as a solvent of metals, particularly for the extraction and transportation of weapons-grade plutonium. Similar version: “Red Mercury” developing for the bloody gebni Vundervafli, or rather nuclear and thermonuclear bombuje. That’s what they called weapon plutonium. Color (metal plutonium is actually grey and outwardly very similar to lead, but in granules of any appreciable size due to high activity heated to dim-cherry color) and density of Sabzha, and also chased other properties Kagbe indicated To the nature of this nickname.