Life and Photo of cleopatra statue

Discover 27 necropolis evidence of Cleopatra’s Tomb North of Egypt

cleopatra statue
cleopatra statue
cleopatra statue
The Supreme Council of Egyptian antiquities, said the joint mission between Egypt and the Dominican Republic, found some discoveries which may lead to Cleopatra’s Tomb, where the mission found the head of a statue carved from alalbastr to Cleopatra, and a mask believed to Mark Antony.

He said the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Zahi Hawass, in addition to find the head of a statue carved from alalbstr to Cleopatra taposiris, 50 kilometers (30 miles) West of Alexandria, was also found 20 piece bronze coin depicting the Queen, last King of the Ptolemaic Dynasty who ended their State in 70 BC, after the Roman occupation of Egypt on this date. “

He also found “the mask man thought it might be to Mark Antony and these pieces found in this temple may reveal the Tomb Cleopatra.”

“All these demonstrate that the Queen was beautiful and they are not of African descent also tried some foreign archeologists to emphasize the abhorrent nature and origin”.

Said Deputy Chief of Mission of the Dominican Republic Catherine Martins “studies by proving that Queen Cleopatra and Mark Anthony were buried by taposiris Magna with Borg and away from Alexandria, 50 kilometers (30 miles) to the West.”

The “Pilgrim of the ancients talked about the tomb of Alexander the great, Alexandria, and did not indicate the presence of Cleopatra, there is also historical evidence through the writings of Plutarch noting that Marc Anthony buried with Queen Cleopatra” and “the disclosure of these effects within the temple may lead to disclosure of this cemetery”.

An Egyptian mission headed by Abbas Mohamed Abbas, National Research Institute, has an archaeological survey by the radar of the temple and the survey evidence proved the existence of three places where the cemetery may be, and the mission will work this week to dig into these places where radar signals demonstrated a spaces.

The mission had also revealed numerous tunnels inside the temple, each up to about 100 meters deep underground.

Hawass said that the most important discoveries of the mission was to “reveal huge cemetery outside the temple, the number of tombs discovered to twenty-seven forms take the coffin cemetery, as well as other tombs carved in rock and other ladders reached the burial chamber.

“Find 27 cemetery, revealed within 10 mummies, including some golden mummies, indicating that these tombs for important and senior staff, usually buried, such as those on the Royal Tomb.

Statue of Cleopatra VII. Egyptian Museum of San Jose, California. Statue of Cleopatra VII. An outstanding personality, Cleopatra VII ruled by the state in the last years of independence of ancient Egypt from Rome. Nephew of Julius Caesar, Octavian.

Statue of the Queen Cleopatra. Ancient Egypt, 1st century BC name: statue of the Queen Cleopatra. Place of creation: Ancient Egypt. Creation time: I century BC. Period: Ptolemaic dynasty. Material: Basalt. Dimensions: 104.7 cm. Admission: Received in 1929, transferred from the palace in Peterhof.

The Queen of Ptolemaic was admitted to the Hermitage in 1929 and is certainly one of the most impressive monuments of the Egyptian Museum collection. Originally the statue was in the Peterhof Palace of the Dukes of Lihtenbergskih, for decorating interiors of which was brought from...

Almost a century after the discovery of the Egyptian statue, which depicts two mysterious figures, scientists managed to decipher their identity. The unknown were the children of the legendary Cleopatra, the last queen of Hellenistic of Egypt, and her lover Roman...

Statue of the Queen Cleopatra. I century BC Ancient Egypt. Ptolemaic dynasty. Material: Basalt. Height 104.7 cm. Received in 1929, transferred from the palace in Peterhof. Hermitage. Source 73. Anthony Caesar rejected the request, and Cleopatra replied that she would be given full indulgence...

"The beauty of this woman was not glory, what is called Nesravnennoju and strikes at first sight, but its appeal was different neotrazimoju charm, and therefore its appearance, combined with rare persuasive speeches, with a huge charm, skvozivshim in every word, in Every move, hard hit the soul. The very sounds of her voice caressed and delighted the hearing, and the language was precisely a multistringed instrument, easily nastraivajushhijsja on any fret.  "

Almost a whole universe buzzed with moans and SOBSS, and at this time one-the only island many days in a row disclosed the sounds of flutes and kifars, theatres were full of spectators, and the choirs diligently fought for primacy. Each city sent a bull to take part in the solemn sacrifices, and the tsars tried to surpass each other the splendor of receptions and gifts, so that people with Perplexity said: What will be their victorious festivities, if they with such magnificence Celebrating the preparations for war?!

In addition to the head of Cleopatra, in particular, was found a mask, presumably, a portrait of the beloved Cleopatra-Roman commander Marc Anthony. In addition, a bronze statue of Aphrodite and a headless statue of a representative of the Royal dynasty of Ptolemaic was found...
Discover 27 necropolis evidence of Cleopatra’s Tomb North of Egypt

cleopatra statue
Life and Photo of cleopatra statue
egypt queen cleopatra statue
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Discover 27 necropolis evidence of Cleopatra’s Tomb North of Egypt
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