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Ancient Alexandria and archaeological treasures

cleopatra statue
cleopatra statue
cleopatra statue
When uttered the phrase ” underwater archaeological
treasures ,” most people think of a sunken squadron
of ships with cargo holds full of gold and precious
stones. But the main cultural and historical values ​​do
not always measured in carats and ounces . Ancient
Alexandria , a famous city , fallen into the water as a
result of the earthquake in the year 365 BC. e . , found
in the Bay of Alexandria - that is the real archaeological
treasure, which we may soon lose it. And the danger
to the underwater city are not natural phenomena ,
and tourists that with the development of increasingly sophisticated and affordable diving equipment is not always intentionally, but , nevertheless , steadily destroying the unique archaeological site .

The history of Alexandria dates back to 332 BC , when Alexander the Great founded on the site of a small settlement Rakote capital of his great empire. Construction of the first city buildings was completed more than half a century later, under Ptolemy II. Since that time, Alexandria was not only the new capital of Egypt , but also the cultural center of the Hellenistic world . The city is the famous museum and library, a desired destination for all scientists of antiquity, there was erected the Pharos lighthouse - one of the wonders of the ancient world . Here have been gathered from all over Egypt and other countries in Eastern ancient sculptures and monuments , works of art and relics .

After the decline of the Roman Empire Alexandria, which became the largest Mediterranean metropolis declined. Wars and natural disasters have destroyed the major buildings and part of the city after the earthquake left under water .

All Alexandria Bay , in fact , is one huge archaeological site . The first finds were made here in 1911. It is in this place, in the bottom of the bay are the ruins of Pharos lighthouse - one of the seven wonders of the world . Somewhere in Alexandria , under water or on land in the remaining part may lie the remains of the greatest of the ancient generals of Alexander the Great .

French archaeologist Franck Goddio in the early 90 -ies of XX century, found under the waters of the bay three of the royal palace of the Ptolemaic dynasty , the temple of Poseidon, many statues and jewelry, the remains of Roman and Greek ships. Some of the exhibits was raised and went to different museums around the world , but most of all antiquities and architectural finds are only available for underwater tourists.

Archaeologists have offered to arrange in Alexandria Bay underwater museum , where sightseers could pass all the important buildings and monuments of the metropolis by a transparent plastic pipes laid on the seabed at a depth of 6-8 meters. And in the land part of the museum were lifted from the bottom to find and layouts with the renovations . The main technical problem of creating an underwater museum lies in the cost of the project : in order to get around the city, take hundreds of meters if not kilometers of pipes . In the waves of the bay is full of mud and there is very poor visibility , and therefore , to see the monument , you will need to come close to him . In addition , buildings and sculptures will need to be cleaned every three months.

Back in early 2008, Egypt stated that in the near future in Alexandria will open the world’s first underwater museum under the auspices of UNESCO. Adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage , which should be operational by the end of 2008, after ratification by 20 countries of the world . However, the money for a unique project required a lot, and Egypt has not. Meanwhile, hundreds of travel companies tout travelers to look at the remains of the ancient city, to touch amphorae, weigh against the background of ruins, look for gold coins , and tens of thousands of people will gladly respond to this ” wonderful ” offer . What has not managed to break the earthquake , will soon complement the people . And until such time as the Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage entered into force, none of the provisions of international law can not protect the city from looting by treasure hunters .
Statue of Cleopatra VII. Egyptian Museum of San Jose, California. Statue of Cleopatra VII. An outstanding personality, Cleopatra VII ruled by the state in the last years of independence of ancient Egypt from Rome. Nephew of Julius Caesar, Octavian.

Statue of the Queen Cleopatra. Ancient Egypt, 1st century BC name: statue of the Queen Cleopatra. Place of creation: Ancient Egypt. Creation time: I century BC. Period: Ptolemaic dynasty. Material: Basalt. Dimensions: 104.7 cm. Admission: Received in 1929, transferred from the palace in Peterhof.

The Queen of Ptolemaic was admitted to the Hermitage in 1929 and is certainly one of the most impressive monuments of the Egyptian Museum collection. Originally the statue was in the Peterhof Palace of the Dukes of Lihtenbergskih, for decorating interiors of which was brought from...

Almost a century after the discovery of the Egyptian statue, which depicts two mysterious figures, scientists managed to decipher their identity. The unknown were the children of the legendary Cleopatra, the last queen of Hellenistic of Egypt, and her lover Roman...

Statue of the Queen Cleopatra. I century BC Ancient Egypt. Ptolemaic dynasty. Material: Basalt. Height 104.7 cm. Received in 1929, transferred from the palace in Peterhof. Hermitage. Source 73. Anthony Caesar rejected the request, and Cleopatra replied that she would be given full indulgence...

"The beauty of this woman was not glory, what is called Nesravnennoju and strikes at first sight, but its appeal was different neotrazimoju charm, and therefore its appearance, combined with rare persuasive speeches, with a huge charm, skvozivshim in every word, in Every move, hard hit the soul. The very sounds of her voice caressed and delighted the hearing, and the language was precisely a multistringed instrument, easily nastraivajushhijsja on any fret.  "

Almost a whole universe buzzed with moans and SOBSS, and at this time one-the only island many days in a row disclosed the sounds of flutes and kifars, theatres were full of spectators, and the choirs diligently fought for primacy. Each city sent a bull to take part in the solemn sacrifices, and the tsars tried to surpass each other the splendor of receptions and gifts, so that people with Perplexity said: What will be their victorious festivities, if they with such magnificence Celebrating the preparations for war?!

In addition to the head of Cleopatra, in particular, was found a mask, presumably, a portrait of the beloved Cleopatra-Roman commander Marc Anthony. In addition, a bronze statue of Aphrodite and a headless statue of a representative of the Royal dynasty of Ptolemaic was found...
Ancient Alexandria and archaeological treasures

cleopatra statue
Life and Photo of cleopatra statue
egypt queen cleopatra statue
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Ancient Alexandria and archaeological treasures

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