industrial metal detectors

Conveyor belt sartorius vistus metal detector
vistus metal detector series from Sartorius, a new generation of metal detectors. With sartorius vistus metal detector sets new standards in performance and ease of operation. sartorius vistus metal detector reaches high levels of sensitivity and reliability thanks to the high quality components and a wide range of operating frequencies.
CAT3 and Genny pipe and cable Locators
CAT3 and Genny pipe and cable Locators Experts from all over the world recognized system between similar systems, and the simplicity and high reliability. CAT3 system font location + Genny3 and designed to detect underground facilities, including CAT3 + Genny pipe and cable Locators.
RD8000 pipe and cable Locators
RD8000 pipe and cable Locators New detectors of all major types of RF tags, allowing use of the GPS in a wide range of applications. Site tagging and communication allow you to explore the space very quickly. High positioning accuracy on the basis of performance and ergonomics of RD8000 pipe and cable Locators.
What are the advantages and the detection and GPS equipment
Universal detector or rebar Locator can search only metal objects, and also hidden objects of wood and plastic. These devices locate the various pipes, fittings and nails. There are domestic and global professional detectors. Professional revealed more additional features. Features a magnetic non-magnetic metals, looking for more depth. In addition, the Professional is able to locate the electrical cables.
How to find the valve on the wall
Building wiring and metal detectors used in modern implementation and completion of the work of the landscaping and building maintenance. Using a metal detector, examine the reinforcement in the wall, I found a hidden metal parts, screws and wires. These devices are very useful, because with them on the safety performance of the work, as well as preventing damage to the metal pipe.
fisher fpid 2100 magnetic locator
fisher fpid 2100 magnetic locator It uses GPS magnetic (ferrous detector)  facilities services and ways to search for buried pipes, sinks, cabinets, metal and other things. The House is built on patented goal setting allows you to define clearly the place opening, saving time on wet soil or frozen earth.
Fisher XLT-30 a Acoustic leak detector –  geophone
Fisher XLT-30 Acoustic leak detector  -used to detect fluid leaks in pipes and vessels. Give your console with a wide range of functions and special amplifier allows to detect leaks in great depths.
Fisher XLT-17 a Acoustic leak detector – geophone
Fisher XLT-17 Acoustic leak detector  -capable of detecting a leak of fluid in pipes and tanks, in four simple steps: Electronics amplify sound leakage, then choose filters noise audio leak, allocates and guides the player to the sound source.