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What are the advantages and the detection and GPS equipment

F2 of buried pipeline coating detection leak detector
is a versatile, complex device for locating reinforcing rods and a device for measuring the protective layer of concrete. It is a compact and lightweight device, controlled by one hand. has a unique technique of visualization of rebar in real time, which allows the user to actually  "see " The location of rebar at a depth of 180 mm under the surface of the concrete layer. The device is equipped with indicators, indications about the location of the rods, as well as optical and acoustic means to determine the position of the reinforcement. The device combines these unique technologies for quick and effective determination of the location of reinforcing rods. 
Universal detector or rebar Locator can search only metal objects, and also hidden objects of wood and plastic. These devices locate the various pipes, fittings and nails. There are domestic and global professional detectors. Professional revealed more additional features. Features a magnetic non-magnetic metals, looking for more depth. In addition, the Professional is able to locate the electrical cables.

To determine the detector is needed to specify the type of the room where you will find reinforcement in the wall, or other metal objects. For example, if the premise is thin walls, then buy a expensive-there is no need. A simple metal detector home fine. It is able to detect different types of hidden objects, wire.
With the purchase of a metal detector, you will not have to think, how to find the valve in the wall during finishing. This handy device will do the job for you. It will show where it was hidden in the wall of metal, plastic or wooden elements are important. This will prevent damage to the wiring, fixing potholes and other problems at work.

Detecting and positioning equipment rebar Locator