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Who built the pyramids of ancient Egypt

cleopatra statue
cleopatra statue
cleopatra statue
Who built the pyramids of ancient Egypt - The answer to the question who built the pyramids of ancient Egypt, start with a little historical background. Starting the existence of civilization of ancient Egypt belong to the III millennium BC In 332 BC Ancient Egypt was conquered by the army of Alexander the Great. Construction of the great pyramids on the Giza plateau Egyptologists dated 2575 - 2465 gg. BC - Reign IV dynasty of pharaohs. Total found in Egypt about 80 pyramids. 3 pyramids of Giza, set on a rocky plateau on the west bank of the Nile River near Cairo in northern Egypt is one of the seven wonders of the world. The question of how these three pyramids were built, still remains open.
The climate of ancient Egypt became dry 4 thousand years BC 8-12 thousand years. back in North Africa were heavy rains. *

I recently watched the film from the series “Mysteries of Ancient Egypt” ** on a trip to Egypt, a group of enthusiasts and researchers of the past. Just want to say that Egypt was not, but watched movies credible and, of course, a lot of questions. Below I have listed the main points that interest me, who pay attention to the filmmakers.

The film focuses on the fact that historians, Egyptologists date the pyramids of ancient Egypt in accordance with inscriptions and drawings on these facilities. Drawings and inscriptions were made on plaster. Plaster is often deposited on the surface on which tracks have been destruction of time. And when you consider that these surfaces were built of granite and basalt slabs, then the question arises, how many thousands of years had to stand constructions of high-strength material to them cracks.
Most of the extant structures of ancient Egyptian structures made of ordinary stone and adobe clay mortar, which is consistent with the level of development of technologies of ancient Egypt. Moreover, the technology of building the pyramids of Egypt has not undergone significant changes since the construction of the most ancient pyramids of Egypt - the step pyramid at Saqqara founder of the third dynasty Djoser and the pyramids of the pharaohs 12 - dynasty.

12 Pyramid of Pharaoh dynasty a thousand years after the construction of the first Egyptian pyramids made in the same technology of fine clay masonry stone and adobe.

Technology of construction of these pyramids and temple Khafre at Giza and Abydos Osireion significantly different from other structures. According to historians, the ancient Egyptians possessed the technology to the point of modern features.

Structures with a height of 50-storey building of the treated stone blocks (granite, basalt, limestone) that fit perfectly without any solution. The weight of such blocks often reaches 100 - 200 tons.

The walls of the pyramid in Medum equalized after construction of the pyramid: processed all the inclined surface of the pyramid. This is not possible without special tools artisanal technologies. Perhaps in the current situation it could be done using laser technology. But how could perform such work by the ancient Egyptians?

Authors of the film naturally wonder why such a contrast with the other structures of Ancient Egypt, if already available building technologies significantly higher than modern?

Moreover, many of the extant ancient Egyptian pyramids built on top of high-tech buildings or ruins: at the base of the powerful design of the processed and stacked without mortar blocks, and then rough clay masonry of ordinary stones and adobe.

Next to the Sphinx of Giza is a granite temple. At his age indicates the presence of a stone drain. Apparently, it was built at a time when the territory of ancient Egypt still going showers, which means at least eight thousand years ago.

In Abydos is magnificent edifice Osireion of huge blocks, the inscriptions on which talk about its repair in Pharaonic times, so historians do not even come from his date.

According to ancient legends here is the tomb of the god Osiris, and come down under a written construction shall be not less than 11 thousand years.

Reminiscent of the great Gods of Ancient Egypt and huge statues made of quartzite and granite. Weight statues from a few hundred to a thousand tons. Even today there is no technology that would allow transport and install these massive boulders.

There is also the sarcophagi: perfectly straight and smooth from durable quartzite or granite, with impeccable rounded and without any inscriptions space technology implementation. Sarcophagus weight about 100 tons. You can find them all over Egypt, as in museums and in the streets, in the desert.

More than sarcophagi in Egypt granite blocks with a strikingly accurate machining, complex and accurate cutouts and notches, perfectly executed cylindrical circumference. All traces of machining a circular saw, a drill pipe. Traces precise machining and floors are made of basalt slabs of different thickness aligned after installation.

Particular attention should be gray granite quarry in Aswan: common pits and … perfect after traces chosen breed. Edge chosen breed is at a height of several floors. After sampling rocks on the cliff there were traces of a giant combine the ability to choose blocks of tens of thousands of tons of fillets with perfect accuracy in the sample. These technologies are currently not available at all.

A natural question arises, who were members of this advanced civilization - a civilization of the ancient Egyptians gods - aliens, aliens or representatives of ancient Atlantis, or others? Maybe our ancestors who have destroyed their world with “high” technology?

In the extant Egyptian wall paintings and inscriptions lot of talk about powerful gods and their war. A extant monuments of history and construction techniques are similar in strength and reliability for military bunkers built to withstand a nuclear attack. Authorship of those who built the pyramids of Egypt remains a mystery, the rest of the hypothesis.
Statue of Cleopatra VII. Egyptian Museum of San Jose, California. Statue of Cleopatra VII. An outstanding personality, Cleopatra VII ruled by the state in the last years of independence of ancient Egypt from Rome. Nephew of Julius Caesar, Octavian.

Statue of the Queen Cleopatra. Ancient Egypt, 1st century BC name: statue of the Queen Cleopatra. Place of creation: Ancient Egypt. Creation time: I century BC. Period: Ptolemaic dynasty. Material: Basalt. Dimensions: 104.7 cm. Admission: Received in 1929, transferred from the palace in Peterhof.

The Queen of Ptolemaic was admitted to the Hermitage in 1929 and is certainly one of the most impressive monuments of the Egyptian Museum collection. Originally the statue was in the Peterhof Palace of the Dukes of Lihtenbergskih, for decorating interiors of which was brought from...

Almost a century after the discovery of the Egyptian statue, which depicts two mysterious figures, scientists managed to decipher their identity. The unknown were the children of the legendary Cleopatra, the last queen of Hellenistic of Egypt, and her lover Roman...

Statue of the Queen Cleopatra. I century BC Ancient Egypt. Ptolemaic dynasty. Material: Basalt. Height 104.7 cm. Received in 1929, transferred from the palace in Peterhof. Hermitage. Source 73. Anthony Caesar rejected the request, and Cleopatra replied that she would be given full indulgence...

"The beauty of this woman was not glory, what is called Nesravnennoju and strikes at first sight, but its appeal was different neotrazimoju charm, and therefore its appearance, combined with rare persuasive speeches, with a huge charm, skvozivshim in every word, in Every move, hard hit the soul. The very sounds of her voice caressed and delighted the hearing, and the language was precisely a multistringed instrument, easily nastraivajushhijsja on any fret.  "

Almost a whole universe buzzed with moans and SOBSS, and at this time one-the only island many days in a row disclosed the sounds of flutes and kifars, theatres were full of spectators, and the choirs diligently fought for primacy. Each city sent a bull to take part in the solemn sacrifices, and the tsars tried to surpass each other the splendor of receptions and gifts, so that people with Perplexity said: What will be their victorious festivities, if they with such magnificence Celebrating the preparations for war?!

In addition to the head of Cleopatra, in particular, was found a mask, presumably, a portrait of the beloved Cleopatra-Roman commander Marc Anthony. In addition, a bronze statue of Aphrodite and a headless statue of a representative of the Royal dynasty of Ptolemaic was found...
Who built the pyramids of ancient Egypt
Who built the pyramids of ancient Egypt

cleopatra statue
Life and Photo of cleopatra statue
egypt queen cleopatra statue
Who built the pyramids of ancient Egypt
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