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Metal detector and wiring ADA Wall Scanner

RD8000 pipe and cable Locators
RD8000 pipe and cable Locators New detectors of all major types of RF tags, allowing use of the GPS in a wide range of applications. Site tagging and communication allow you to explore the space very quickly. High positioning accuracy on the basis of performance and ergonomics of RD8000 pipe and cable Locators, radar for professionals and companies involved in search of underground utilities and municipal systems, cable lines and markers. Lets you use in areas with electric fields with very large amplitude signals power plants and electric cables, high voltage overhead rail.
A wiring detector or locator is a professional tool that is designed to detect hidden communications. It can quickly and easily locate metal objects, electrical wires, piping. Which are located in the walls, under the surface of the filling floor, in the ground. The basis of any model of wiring detectors is the use of a signal generator and a high-sensitivity receiver. This equipment is used during carrying out of planned control-measuring measures, and also construction and finishing works. Its use will help prevent, for example, accidental ingress when drilling the wall into the wiring.
Metal detector and wiring ADA Wall Scanne
Metal detector and wiring ADA Wall Scanner detector for detecting in walls, floors and ceilings, metal, non-ferrous and ferrous wires under tension and wooden structures by means of an electrical signal.

Great tool for everyday use! Anti-shock design: rugged, tread lining. The ZOOM function allows you to accurately determine the location of the search object. Big screen for convenient operation. Automatic calibration for all modes.
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Detection of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wood and wires under tension.
Color alarm upon detection: metal, wood, harness-red/green zone
Very simple clear management
Selectable beep
Digital display-easy to read measurement results
Rubber inserts on the side parts create convenience at work.

Metal detector and wiring ADA Wall Scanner А00323