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Fisher M-66 Fisher M-101 Fisher TW-6 Industrial metal detectors

F2 of buried pipeline coating detection leak detector
Diagnostics of pipelines with the purpose of detection of places of damage (water leakage) of underground (hidden) pipelines of water supply, hot water supply, central heating, sewer and pipelines of basins and artificial Reservoirs.  Definition of a damaged area in a branched extended pipeline. Check the valves for the purpose of transmission.  Search for uncontrolled water leaks in automatic irrigation systems.  Inspection of new pressure pipes after builders.  
Fisher M-66 Fisher M-101 Fisher TW-6 Industrial metal detectors
The requirements for the quality of food is constantly increasing and the regulations on food safety are becoming increasingly strict. This detector is an industrial as the most suitable for all packaging. The intelligent automatic micro metal detector uses a dual-loop circuit design, colorful LCD touch screen, 7 inch.

This is a complete metal detection equipment.

The high sensitivity of detection that uses, can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects. The sensitivity can be adjusted individually. The memory can hold 10 species tested in various contents contents and materials and can respond to products with water and frozen products. Detector with audible and Visual Notification, automatic exclusion, stops, restore original functions.
Moreover it is user friendly with easy menus and easy-to-use touch screen.
The machine is made from stainless steel, corrosion resistant, does not rust and is easily cleaned.

Many different methods and technologies are available for control of food. The application of a particular control technology associated with the nature of the foodstuff and the purpose of the inspection. This device is suitable and widely used for detection in meat, mushrooms, candies, foods, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, marine products, health products, food additives and flavoring substances and impurities non-ferrous metals.

Apart from these, it can also be used to detect metal objects in chemicals, rubber, plastic, fabric, leather, chemical fibers, toys and pharmaceutical products, health products, organic products, gifts, packaging, papers etc.

This is a latest generation machine with revolutionary technology and know-how necessary for any entrepreneur, to protect its products. You can safely send the products to any customer with confidence that has avoided the existence of metal objects such as screws, pins, fasteners, Staples, metallic pieces, etc. in the packages. In this way the products travel safely worldwide, without refund.

Because the packages are audited by the F500QE machine and load safe.

Is an indispensable tool in all industries, factories, houses, packing, production lines and in many commercial packaging businesses.