CAT3 and Genny pipe and cable Locators

CAT3 and Genny pipe and cable Locators Experts from all over the world recognized system between similar systems, and the simplicity and high reliability. CAT3 system font location + Genny3 and designed to detect underground facilities, including CAT3 + Genny pipe and cable Locators can detect negative signs “natural” emitting usually metal pipes and underground cables to frequencies 50 Hz or at low radio frequencies. Genny3 generator can be used to provide signals in line so they can be detected and tracked by reception sites. Thus, there is required-for-line effect, including large distances.

RD8000 pipe and cable Locators

RD4000 pipe and cable Locators

The latest digital technologies in CAT3 and Genny pipe and cable Locators provides high-speed processing of incoming data, equipped with the background that is automatically activated, which allows you to continue to use the sites at night. Switch “pulse/continuous Jenny generator allows the user to set the tool settings, and improved battery life. Use only power units type D, and ensure maximum life at minimum price. Compatible batteries with batteries of the birth of Jenny means that now you can buy only one type of batteries for both devices, which is more convenient. New battery charge indicator warns against lowering their charge.

CAT3 and Genny pipe and cable Locators is by far the best in terms of price and quality in the market. Real audio-it seems to indicate a cable or pipe, the operator. Even with little experience, this is a very important feature allows the operator to distinguish signal from noise in the background.

Using the latest digital technologies in CAT3 and Genny pipe and cable Locators provides high speed data processing and filter uninformative references. He was the first in a very fast beeping and displaying data on the radar screen when it passes directly over the desired line, trace more precise and smooth scanning. The second allows you to use a specific of the most challenging areas CAT3 and task-areas with a high density and a high level of interference from power lines nearby.

Pipe And Cable Locator Demo

This is a demonstration of a HDW T16 Pipe and cable locaor. Both a power line frequency locator and audio 9.8 Khz locator.

CAT3 and Genny pipe and cable Locators
industrial metal detectors for food
TARGET Industrial metal detectors are used in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textile, plastics, chemicals, and packaging ...
industrial metal detectors for food
Jansen Control Systems supplies the food processing industry with robust and reliable metal detectors.
industrial metal detectors for food
TARGET MICRO SCAN Metal Detection Systems are designed to meet the strict demands of the bulk food and packaged food ...
industrial metal detectors for food
Industrial metal detectors are used in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textile, plastics, chemicals, and packaging industries.
A range of industrial mineral detection systems to detect mineral contaminants in most food and pharmaceutical applications. X-ray metal detectors for food industries, including biscuits, seafood, bakeries, bread and frozen food industry applications. A wide range of high quality food metal detectors can be provided for safe food processing. The pieces of broken machines are a major safety problem in the industry. Protect your product and reputation in today's competitive marketplace with metal detectors. Read more...
The industrial metal detector is intended for detection of foreign metallic impurities in raw materials, semi-finished products and finished goods.

Accordingly, conveyor metal detectors are designed to detect foreign ferromagnetic inclusions in the flow of raw materials transported on conveyor belts.

The use of these devices ensures the safety of products of processing and equipment from falling into them random bodies containing magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

Role in production

Industrial metal detectors allow to determine presence of metal objects in the form of details of machines and mechanisms, wire, foil, elements of clothes and ornaments, stationery, tool, shavings, wear of cutting and crushing Equipment, etc.

Automatic rejection systems are used to ensure that the production process does not suffer from stops to find and remove metallic impurities in the flow. After receiving a signal from the metal detector about the presence in the product of an external metal body, the rejection device is given a command to trigger. The "contaminated" volume of raw materials or finished products is deduced from the general flow. In the future from the rejected materials metal objects are either extracted manually or disposed together with a useful product. In cases where the metal is magnetic, the cleaning of the magnetic separators is carried out and the useful product is returned to production from the iron.

The designs of the rejection devices are produced using mechanical tray elements, reducing the conveyor length or using a compressed air jet. The choice of device type is determined by the specialists of the NGO "Erga" based on the requirements of the technological process at the customer's enterprise.

How it works

Most metal detectors work according to the following principle. On the transmitting coil of the metal detector is supplied alternating current, which forms around it "reference" variable magnetic field. At the same time the alternating current, fixed in size and phase, is brought on the receiving reel. When entering this field of metal object in the latter are induced eddy currents, which create their own magnetic field of the object, changing "reference". This change in the field results in a change in the value and phase of the current in the receiving coil and is fixed by the Signal Processing unit.

It should be noted that the pulse has many advantages: high sensitivity, weak reaction to the composition of the controlled product, simple construction. This principle is well-coordinated with the use of high-speed microcontrollers (DSP), allowing complex mathematical processing of the signal in real time.

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